Trent University’s North Atlantic Right Whale DNA Database contains genetic information on every North Atlantic right whale sampled since the late 1980s. A total of 1123 samples have been logged belonging to 503 individuals, including an “ancient” individual that lived  during the 16th century.

Samples are sent to Trent University where mitochondrial haplotypes, microsatellite profiles, and sex are determined. The goal of the DNA Bank is to provide genetic information to researchers and government agencies for research projects and to provide insights on which individuals are living, reproducing or deceased.

This website provides detailed information on the North Atlantic Right Whale, the DNA Bank and Database, past and present research projects and researchers. Additionally, information on deceased individuals, paternity results, and pedigrees for several individuals can be viewed under the “Genetic Results” tab.  Publications and collaborators can be found by clicking the appropriate tabs, the DNA database can be accessed, with assigned log in information, and a direct link to D.I.G.I.T.S is also available.

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