These pedigrees represent the familial relationship of right whales. In small populations, like that of the North Atlantic right whale, certain individuals often appear more than once in a given pedigree. It is also not uncommon for these small populations to experience inbreeding (denoted as double horizontal lines between a male and female). As the North Atlantic right whale is a highly promiscuous species (females mating with multiple males and vice-versa) all progeny of any given adult are half-siblings. Below are individual whales (represented by their DIGITS catalog number, ex. 1001-Fermata) whose pedigrees have been completed thus far. More will be added as they become available. Click on the number of the whale you would like to view a pedigree for. Legends are available below each pedigree. In the case where paternities are not available, a “?” appears under the squares (denoting males).

1001 1034
1002 1039
1004 1045
1007 1046
1012 1114
1013 1118
1014 1123
1025 1127
1135 1140
1142 1145
1151 1153
1157 1158
1160 1163
1179 1201
1204 1208
1223 1034

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